Education Designed Around You

Success isn't born, it's made. To us, success is a science. We don't believe in luck, fate or magic — only cause & effect. Our method focuses on the things with "causality", not social popularity. We follow results and data, not the crowd.

Unleash your academic Success
The traditional method of education is broken, so we came up with our own. Instead of treating education as a linear mechanical process, we treat it as a non-linear symbiotic process (like nature).

Linear Education (old)

Most schools use a linear education system that resembles an assembly line. The student consumes un-personalized information and then is expected to achieve real world results.

Non-linear education (new) uses a non-linear education system that resembles the symbiotic process of nature. We provide an environment, building blocks, mental reprogramming, real world application and feedback so you can optimize for and achieve your education and life goals.

How our method works

Traditional education systems produce cookie-cutter disorganized and feeling overwhelmed students with Poor grades and sleep habits.. We instruct students how to build blocks into "tetra-cubes" — then we let talent and motivation emerge.


A students ability to grow is heavily influenced by their environment. We provide the ultimate learning environment with online community for parents, accountability, live Q&A's and mentorship.

Building blocks

Students are unique and creative, so instead of killing that part of them (like most), we provide them with building blocks of information and let them arrange them anyway they like!

Mental Reprogramming

The #1 killer of education is psychological, not logical. For students to learn and evolve, we must reprogram their minds to enhance awareness, cognition and remove procrastination.

Real-world application

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not. We cover the theory, then instantly apply it in the real world to see what happens. This creates "thinker doers".

Real-world goals

Certificates and degrees are abstractions that don't reflect reality and give false entitlement. Our students don't get certificates, they aim to optimize and achieve the real-world goals.

Real-world feedback

Learning requires feedback so students can measure progress and iterate actions to improve. Our students get feedback not criticism on quizzes, tests or assignments.

The proof is in the numbers

Does our method of education work? There's only one way to find out, by seeing whether our students actually succeeded in the real world. Here's the numbers to date (we're just getting started).


A's on Exams


Active Students


A in Math success Rate
Study your mind and conquer learning
Dear Students,


     Before taking Eurekademics, check with yourself to make sure you're not allergic to the following:
effort, logic, fun, critical thinking, and problem solving.

     Eurekademics typically causes severe loss of distraction and procrastination within the first 24 hours. Followed by upgraded cognitive and even physical abilities, students find time to manage their stress and lives beyond school.

     Typically within one semester, students are experiencing frequent awe and shock after getting their first straight-A report card. Some users have reported radical increases in their amplitude of focus, happiness and intelligence.
     I Believe in you. You are capable of great things. The worlds greatest levels of success can be yours. You will be respected like an adult. You will be listened to and not interrupted. You are unique and worth it. I expect great things from you and I will never give up on you. I care about you and your success in getting A's, especially in math.

     As an individual student your learning has no limits!
As a generation you can change the world...
as a team we change the way civilization approaches education. We are in this together... lets make a better future - starting with you.

     I will teach you how to have unrivaled focus, determination and creativity and the way you will learn to think is yet to be understood by the rest of the world.

-Gene Nech
CEO & Founder