10 Things Straight A Students Do Differently
Written by Gene Nech on July. 17th 2018
When you’re a Straight A student you don’t compete with anyone other than yourself. No one can tell you when to study or not, or that you’re playing video games too much, because you have straight A’s and fully in control of your childhood. Becoming the straight A student is simple but isn’t easy to do. Here are 10 rules our Straight A students at Eurekademics identified as most important and  you should consider them this semester for yourself.

1. How you do one thing is how you do all things:
This is the first principle that all of our students adopt: how you brush your teeth reflects in your handwriting, they like to color with all the crayons but already know to put them away for next time. This develops a relentless drive to close the gap between near perfection and perfection; this mindset makes everything else possible and surprisingly fun.

2. Sleep 8 hours or more, every night – no excuses:
Straight A students are also first to wake up in the family and typically enjoy a personal activity for an hour before school starts. By the time they arrive at school they are laser-focused and ready to learn the most in the classroom.

3. Do Chores:
A recent Harvard study reveals children who do chores are smarter. It seems simple enough, but the reality is doing chores helps children to see the work that needs to be done around them. In the professional world, this translates to having a vision for what needs to be done and taking the initiative to do it.

4. Exercise and Nutrition:
Mental clarity, physical exercise and nutrition are one system that when optimized allows for the ultimate student mindset. The straight-A-mindset is our students’ ultimate weapon and our coaches ensure they get plenty of exercise and great nutrition.

5. Respect your parents:
Straight A students know that family is everything and pride themselves doing their part by doing their best in school, and everything they do, Rule #1.They understand that their parents work hard to pay the bills and provide for the family and just like they cant work their parents cant get straight A’s for them. The result is a symbiotic relationship where the student feels comfortable telling the parents what they need and develops a deep sense of trust and good-pressure on themselves.

6. Make and keep to a schedule:
Some of our students even manage their parents schedules, they keep track of their upcoming exams, due-dates of projects, basketball practices, friends birthdays that month, tutors, play dates, meals and their sleep cycle. See Rules # 2-5. They are not just playing playing Pokemon Go on the phones anymore, in their adolescent hands they hold mankind’s greatest invention, and believe me they are learning how to use it better then you.

7. Don’t Procrastinate:
If you wait till tomorrow, then your have two projects or homework assignments to deal with and it only gets harder. Straight A students know the easiest way to get straight A’s is to start on project as soon as you can. as a Results Straight A students are often seen enjoying themselves at all times because they have long ago completed or prepared for any homework, project, or exam, but people just say – “oh that kid is naturally smart” – NO they started the work long before you even knew it was due. So, parents can’t even ask them did you do your homework? are you ready for the test?? because Straight A students start project right away and tackle homework as soon as possible so they can get back to mine-craft or oblivion.

8. Take full responsibility for your grades:
That means they know what is due, how to do it, what they need to learn or when to ask for help and check their own answers. This one has been a double edge sword for some parents of these over compulsive geniuses. Straight A students expect near perfection of themselves (See Rule #1-7), and I’ve seen in extreme cases of them breaking down and locking themselves in their rooms over 94%… the parents completely baffled, why? Because Straight A students strive to prove that they are the best at everything everyday (see Rule #1) and this one thing means everything to them.

9. Copy Genius-Hire the best tutors and coaches:
A good tutor can save hours of time studying while getting nowhere, relives stress from both the the student and parents, and accelerates your learning. Ultimate students seeks help everywhere they can get it and expert tutors are a great investment. The return on tutoring is 8 to 1 in terms of their future salary (link).

10. Always be Learning:
Learning never stops, (see Rule #1), audio books are great to keep up with the 1 book per month challenge. We suggest audiobooks during relaxing activities, and work-outs. When you see this stage parents, rest assured they are in control and completely responsible for everything that happens in their academics.

Gene Nech

Gene Nech is a sage, guru and expert at helping students ace their exams and get 4.0 GPAs by teaching: how to study, how to approach school and how to achieve their wildest dreams.
Gene Nech
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