What is The Ultimate Student Mindset
Written by Gene Nech on July, 1st 2018
Want to know why we have been voted as the best tutoring company in Los Angeles two years in a row? Its because we teach and practice with our students the following 5 principles that can transform any mindset into what we are calling the Ultimate Student Mindset. The ultimate-student-mindset quickly unlocks a students innate potential, changes their behavior for the better, and improves their overall performance in school. If you follow these 5-easy steps, then, you too will be on your way to become a straight A student this semester.
1. Avoid Magical Thinking: Magical thinking consists of the following: "things always work out for the best" or "you can do anything you set your mind to." Emotional creatures love to indulge in magical thinking because it comforts people during hard times. The sad truth is that the average person is trying to survive and avoid pain and thus the goal of the masses becomes comfort; and magical thinking is one way to achieve it. This is NOT for you... Magic doesn't exist, and the closest thing to magic that you can get is the transformation of your own consciousness when you learn new things. Fortunately our students learn that learning is something you can control but intense learning requires lots of practice, determination and sustained focus. That is how our students get straight A's and make it look easy, because they don't believe in magic and put in the hours studying long before the rest of the class.
2. Think for yourself: The best form of education our society has to offer is a series of institutions (schools) with people (teachers) to help mold students into successful, self-reliant adults. Well, if most adults exiting the school system are so smart then why aren't they all rich? Don't be angry with your teachers for not being what you expect. Even college professors are doing a tough job for a pitiful salary, and most of them put their hearts and souls into it. The ultimate student knows that she/he is there on the mission of getting as close to a perfect grade as possible. That means all the time you spent in class you spend it on learning for yourself, even if that means you have to read and learn on your own. Never is it a good idea to create personal drama with a teacher because one bad grade over personal drama isn't worth throwing away the status of being the absolute best. At the end of the day it is the valedictorians that will go to Harvard and make more money in a week than their teachers make in a year - so be kind and respectful and take away all the lessons they can teach you because many will be valuable. That is why I encourage you to be nice to your teachers, zip your mouth, sit in your chair and do the work. Gather all the evidence you can and reach your own conclusions. You don't have to love your teachers but you will respect them and they better love you because you know as soon as you ace that class your onto the next thing in life. For more information please read What Do you Stand For? For Teens: A Guide to Building Character by Barbara Lewis
3. Decide who you want to be: You're going to rich, its only a matter of time and you know that deep down inside. The ultimate student is also a role model for his/her generation because how they speak, play cocky or cool, and overall behavior is long decided before the first day of class. Successful students understand that the world needs successful people who make others feel like they can do the same. Will you disappoint them or remain their hero? How can you expect to be anyone's hero if you don't work harder than the rest?
4. Make your Mark: One of the most important steps is picking the right career path after graduation that leverages your ability to leave your mark on society. In other words, what benefit will you leave the world? There are many ways to get rich, and your job, as s student, is to select the field or major you love, combine it with your talents you have and determine how turn that into successful career. Listen Tim S. Groover said it best: "Every dream you’ll imagine, everything you see, and hear and feel in your sleep - that’s not a fantasy. That’s your deep instinct telling you that it all can be real. Follow those visions, dreams and desires and believe what you know. Only you can turn those dreams into reality, never stop until you do.  The greatest battles you will ever fight are with yourself and you must always be your toughest opponent. Always demand more of yourself than others demand of you. Be honest with yourself and you will be able to meet every challenge with confidence and the deep belief that you are prepared for anything.  Life can be complicated; the truth is not.”
5. Learn to listen: It doesn't come as a surprise when you study the most successful people in the world you find that they are the best listeners. Although our world is overrun by communication technology, active listening skills are still needed and rewarded in the marketplace in all industries. The problem is that a tiny percentage of people are actually good listeners. The ultimate student recognizes this and adapts active listening skills at an early age despite it requiring discipline, patience and understanding. Active listening is the students ultimate weapon in navigated the complex structures of the school system.

Gene Nech

Gene Nech is a sage, guru and expert at helping students ace their exams and get 4.0 GPAs by teaching: how to study, how to approach school and how to achieve their wildest dreams.
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