10 Things Straight A Students Do Differently
Written by Gene Nech on July. 17th 2018
When you’re a Straight A student you don’t compete with anyone other than yourself. No one can tell you when to study or not, or that you’re playing video games too much, because you have straight A’s and fully in control of your childhood. Becoming the straight A student is simple but isn’t easy to do. Here are 10 rules our Straight A students at Eurekademics identified as most important and  you should consider them this semester for yourself.
What is the Ultimate Student Mindset?
Written by Gene Nech on July 1st 2018
Want to know why we have been voted as the best tutoring company in Los Angeles two years in a row? Its because we teach and practice with our students the following 5 principles that can transform any mindset into what we are calling the Ultimate Student Mindset. The ultimate-student-mindset quickly unlocks a students innate potential, changes their behavior for the better, and improves their overall performance in school. If you follow these 5-easy steps, then, you too will be on your way to become a straight A student this semester.
Maximize-Strengths; Minimize-Weaknesses
Written by Gene Nech on Oct. 6th 2015
Once you master both…, well then Success is yours and its really hard to argue against. It’s the early stages education that play a key role of the developmental process and should be provided with the great personal attention to ascend to genius levels and beyond.
10 Types of Professors and How to Deal With Them
Written by Gene Nech on July 20th 2019
Each teacher has their own teaching style, kind of like a personality type, and this article will give you the frame work to assess, navigate and conquer any class by helping you recognize the type of teacher you will be dealing with this semester you will better adapt in your note taking strategies, class participation and study habits to maximize your results while minimizing your work and stress.

Gene Nech receives "Top 100 Leaders in Education” award
Written by Gene Nech on June 30th 2021
GFEL is a three-day knowledge based value conference where brightest minds of the education sector come together on a common platform to lead, regulate, empower, and improve the means of education transmittal.

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