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Eurekademics helps students get wildly smart and helps you understand how truly amazing the learning mechanisms in your brain work so that you can get the most out of them in whatever kind of learning you are doing in life.

Our greatest strength as human beings is our ability to learn, and this strength is truly beyond measure in the mind of a student.
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Before taking Eurekademics, check with yourself to make sure you're not allergic to the following:
effort, logic, fun, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Eurekademics typically causes severe loss of distraction and procrastination within the first 24 hours. Followed by upgraded cognitive and even physical abilities, students find time to manage their stress and lives beyond school.

Typically within one semester, students are experiencing frequent awe and shock after getting their first straight-A report card. Some users have reported radical increases in their amplitude of focus, happiness and intelligence.
     I Believe in you. You are capable of great things. The worlds greatest levels of success can be yours. You will be respected like an adult. You will be listened to and not interrupted. You are unique and worth it. I expect great things from you and I will never give up on you. I care about you and your success in getting A's, especially in math.

     As an individual student your learning has no limits!
As a generation you can change the world...
as a team we change the way civilization approaches education. We are in this together... lets make a better future - starting with you.

     I will teach you how to have unrivaled focus, determination and creativity and the way you will learn to think is yet to be understood by the rest of the world.

-Gene Nech
CEO & Founder
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"My test scores greatly improved and I saw super fast results! Gene is overall very helpful and provides me with great resources."
Lindsey Rosenfeld Fri Nov 02 2018
"Gene is fantastic! He has a real knack for students and as my son claimed, “I got more work done in one hour than I have in the last three weeks on my college essay.“ Gene also has tutors that work for him that are incredibly specific in their fields of study. One stop shopping here. 100% recommend" #Eurekademics!!!
Brian Jewell Wed Jan 09 2019
"Mr. Nech is really nice and very patient and calm. His mindfulness training is out of this world and helped me become the best version of myself. He helped prepared for the NNAT test and I felt very confident during the exam. It was exactly as we practiced and the actual test was easier than what we worked on. Mr. Nech is the most amazing and exciting teacher ever! Thank you"
Mia B. Tue Feb 12 2019
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